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Hot chocolate



This morning I spent an epic hour preparing and enjoying hot chocolate with my first born whilst sister napped and husband mowed the yard. (Gosh, that man is the hardest worker I know. He never stops.) I lit my favorite spiced pear candle and enlisted my sous-chef Macs to supervise. 

This recipe is one of those that makes you scratch your head and wonder why anyone would use a store-bought hot chocolate "mix". Sorry, Swiss miss! It's so simple and leaves so much room for creativity depending on your personal preference.


Today's version: (serves 3-5)

2 cups of whole milk  

2 cups of half and half  

1/2 cup of white chocolate  

1/2 cup of bittersweet dark chocolate  

( This is where you can get creative! I've made this using only white chocolate, or only dark chocolate, milk/dark chocolate mixed, etc.) 

1 tbs. sugar  (I normally skip the sugar because I prefer more rich chocolate flavor, less sweetness but my assistant assured me that sugar was necessary today.) 

1 tsp. instant espresso (grounds or just a shot of espresso) 

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 

Heat the milk and half and half over medium heat just below the simmer point while finely chopping your chocolate. Remove the milk mixture from the heat and add chopped chocolate, sugar, espresso and vanilla. Gently reheat and serve immediately with whipped cream (if desired). Garnish with chocolate and enjoy while having an intense conversation about dinasours with your favorite boy. 



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