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Yeah, we were about as surprised as you probably are right now, unless, of course, you've been following my prolific food tweets then you might have seen this announcement coming. LOL 

We've had a very interesting couple of months as I didn't know I was pregnant until several weeks after my appendectomy. I was re-admitted for a possible surgical complication only to discover that my severe nausea and vomiting was caused by a baby and not an abcess as we had feared. The news was met with mixed emotions (mine: shock/fear and Cody's: absolute bliss) until an ultrasound revealed that I had been over four weeks pregnant at the time of my surgery, though my blood test had come back negative. Then the real emotions started... We were advised that the baby could have birth defects but more likely, that it wouldn't make it out of the first trimester. (We were also advised that it could be TOTALLY FINE as sometimes babies are exposed to much worse circumstances and born in perfect health!) 

Side note: One of the supplements I had religiously been taking to increase milk supply was fenugreek, previously used by midwives before abortions were legal to stimulate uterine contractions in women who didn't want their babies. It's use has also been linked to severe brain and heart defects. Praying against that! 

Our littlest has quite the testimony already. When I continued to stay pregnant, an unsaved medical professional told me, "You should name this baby something that means 'miracle' because that's exactly what this is."  

We're not entirely out of the woods as we won't have answers until our anatomy ultrasound after twenty weeks. Apparently that's when we would have the best indication of whether or not he/she has suffered any side effects. 

We're pretty thrilled now since in the last two days I've finally begun to feel normal. So sorry if some of you feel as though I've been avoiding you. I haven't been! I've just spent the last couple of months doing the bare minimum to survive. LOL. Meals, lessons for Macs and as much housework as I could manage before collapsing back on to the couch. The initial stage of growing a human is reeeaally hard for me! 

I should add that my husband is AWESOME. I'm not sure the kids and I would still be alive if it weren't for his constant care and devotion (and drives to pick up Mexican food for me.) LOL. 

Baby kicks up a storm and only likes sour, salty and spicy food. Keep your ice cream and candy, we'll have ALL the chips, salsa, saur kraut and pickles, please.  

In closing, YES, I realize this baby bump is already major (for me anyway). I'm blaming it on the fact that my poor abs just don't stand a chance since they barely had a six month break between babies. I just keep reminding myself to enjoy it because this is the last time. ;) 

Happy weekend! Hope you're enjoying this weather as much as we are! 


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