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A Few of My Favorite Things

What I'm currently loving...  


1. Tazo: wild sweet orange

This tea is heavenly! I've only had coffee a handful of times in the last several months and not because I'm fearful of caffeine while pregnant. Coffee just doesn't taste very good to me! 

Drinking a mug of this sweet citrus tea is my favorite nightly ritual. Though, as I'm currently nursing a slight cold, it's more likely my favorite hourly ritual. LOL.  


2. The Honest Co.: hand sanitized spray 

I recently had to re-stock my travel size because GERMS. Ugh. I was at the doctor's office a few weeks ago listening to all those flu-ish coughs and practically bathing in this stuff. Also, I'm a super weirdo and I love the strong alcohol scent of hand sanitizers. 


3. Baked "hard boiled" eggs: 

Speaking of smells, I can't handle the smell of eggs being cooked right now. It's making me sick just thinking of it and as I'm not a huge meat fan either, I've been needing an alternate means of protein to consume (besides all the peanut butter I've been inhaling.) Whew, hormones! LOL. I recently tried the baked eggs technique and it was GENIUS. The smell is mitigated and I can still enjoy eggs that are entirely cooked through. No runny yolks for a while, I'm afraid.  

Pre-heat oven to 325 and baked the eggs in a muffin tin for 30 minutes. Toss them in a bowl of ice water to make peeling a breeze. 


4. Lavender essential oil: 

I'm not super educated on the concept of essential oils but I have a few that we regularly use at home. Mainly peppermint for nausea and headaches and lavender for respitory concerns, muscle tension and overall relaxation. Most nights, I sprinkle a few drops of oil on to a wash cloth and lay it on my forehead inhaling deeply. I do this while I'm already laying in bed and even just five minutes feels like I've spent some time at the spa which, as you already know, is my favorite. ;)


Feel free to share all of your pregnancy (and non-pregnancy) essentials below!  


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