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11 months


I'm a bit in shock this morning as I realized that in one short month my baby will be a year old. 

She's begun walking more than she crawls and consumes well over 1,000 calories every day. I finally did the calculations as I fed her a second dinner last night. And that's just counting baby food! 

She has seven of the cutest, SHARPEST teeth. 

She has seven of the cutest, SHARPEST teeth. 

I gave her a baby doll to play with for the first time yesterday and I've never seen her take to one toy so quickly before! Apparently she's aware of the kids' lingo these days and calls it "Bae Bae". LOL. (We will be fixing that pronunciation shortly.) She'll even race to search for the toy and hold it up for me to see when I ask her, "Hey, where's your baby? Where'd she go?" (She's also desperately trying to chew the hairbow off said baby doll, but we're working on that. LOL!)

We are nothing short of OBSESSED with this girl. Laura Lynn, you are the apple of your family's eye! We love you! 

Happy 6 months!

Relief & a waiting game