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"A" as in...



Avery Jane, to be exact.  

I've discovered it's much easier to name a baby when you and your baby daddy are on living on the same continent. LOL! For the majority of my pregnancy with Laura, Husband was on the other side of the world and we didn't decide on a name until the VERY END. (Even then, we changed her middle name after she was born. LOL) This time, we talked about a few names: Ada, Vivienne, Eliza, Camilla, Mia... but a couple of weeks ago settled on little "Avery". 

Meaning: wise, sage, counselor  

I knew I wanted to use "Jane" for the middle name in honor of my grandmother Emily Jane. I'm obsessed with family names. Also, it means "Gift from God" which is very fitting for how we feel about her. 

Can't wait to meet you, Aves! 


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