Welcome to my blog!


                      I'm thankful for: 


1. Jesus Christ, who gave His life to redeem mine. 

2. My husband, who can't be pictured because he's busy at work being a total stud muffin.  

3. Macson, Laura & Avery: who make me so happy to be their mama every day (even when one of them still makes me puke from time to time. Hehe.)

4. Our beautiful home, where Christmas movies are playing and pies are baking at this very moment.  

5. My story, which gives me the experience and authority to tell you that wherever you are, whatever you're facing, there is hope. Your best days are ahead of you (and not just because Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is in a few weeks, LOL) but because you have a loving Father in Heaven who makes all things work together for your good! Take heart, babes.   

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! 


Laura Lynn & the Christmas tree

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