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Christmas cookies


Not to be cliché or anything (okay, yes, we were being cliché), but Macs and I love to make Christmas cookies. Though, if I'm totally honest, MACS loves to make Christmas cookies and I love to make memories with him. I'm all for baking cookies but letting a six year old loose in my kitchen with a billion sprinkles is kind of the worst. Hehe. 

Anyway, I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was so easy and delicious!


"Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut Outs"

Recipe can be found at ^^ 



He was so serious about decorating and every cookie had a story to go with it:

"This tree is going to be green with white frosting like there's snow on it and it gets cut down by a family.... of aliens!" 

The child. never. stops. talking.


Also, he's in a "businessman" phase and every day insists on wearing a collared shirt, tie or bow tie and suit jacket (he took it off while decorating). 


I'm so happy he's still small enough to have to use a chair to reach the counter. Haha! I know these days are rapidly coming to an end so I'm enjoying them now while I can!