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Cleaner coffee: from a former Sbux ADDICT


Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. My mind starts chanting that blessed word almost immediately after I regain consciousness in the morning. Maybe it's the wiggle worm who keeps me up all night that enhances my desire for the deliciousness, but honestly, I've always been a coffee drinker. More specifically, I've always been a Starbucks specialty coffee drinker. An iced-caramel-macchiato (with whip)- white-chocolate-mocha (with whip again) drinker. Until 3 months ago, every day, I would drink a grande size coffee whose color matched the shade of my skin. That coffee was PALE! LOL. Full of cream and sugar, I loved it. 

I felt as though Laura's pediatrician had crushed all my hopes and dreams when he told me of her (suspected) allergies to wheat and dairy. I was especially crushed because my NEXT STOP after leaving the clinic was going to be Starbucks... for my regular sugar bomb. As a nursing mom, I can't consume any of the foods to which she is allergic until she's weaned. 


Of course, as a mama, I would cut off a limb for my offspring if they required it, so my coffee habit was going to have to change to improve baby Laura's quality of life. Though, to be honest, sometimes I felt that to be the equivalent of losing a limb. LOL. 

I've experimented with dairy-free creamers and sweeteners since, and I've come to a conclusion: I like my coffee black with a little bit of coconut palm sugar. None of that fake Splenda junk, none of that nutrient-devoid white table sugar; I like coconut palm sugar because, while it's still sugar, it's the lesser(ish) of the millions of sugary evils and it has a rich flavor so a little goes a long way. In other words, I use less! Have you ever seen the ingredients list for the syrups added to your favorite coffee creation?? NASTINESS! Seriously, go look! Frappacinos are delicious as an occasional treat (splurging is not going to kill you), but they just shouldn't be consumed on the reg.  

Also, my preferred creamer is full fat PLAIN coconut milk though I often skip creamer altogether. The flavored coconut creamer variations are packed full of sugar and additives so I'd probably skip those most days too. Depending on how many cups of coffee you drink, all that sugar can add up to almost having dessert for breakfast. No Bueno. Just so you know. ;) 



Thank you, Lolls, for your high maintenance and very trendy (only my child LOL) dietary needs. Otherwise I might still be sucking down that sick, albeit so tasty, sugary treat every morning. All the while, wondering why my energy levels were dragging and my skin was breaking out. 

P.S. I don't have anything against Starbucks, just my own previous addiction to their 600 calorie drinks. LOL. I DO frequent Starbucks occasionally, I just order black coffee or unsweetened green tea when I do. 

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