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Banana "Milk"


Summer is the best time for smoothies, fruit smoothies in particular. I used to make smoothies with crap loads of milk, Greek yogurt, cream, etc. but now the thought of all those things makes me want to puke. Also, I can't consume them so there's that. Recently I've been using water as the base and I really don't miss the cream at all. (FYI- plain Greek yogurt is awesome. NOTHING against it.) 

This morning I wanted to make a smoothie that would give me energy and act as a post-breaky snack/hydrator so I whipped up some banana "milk" that I could sip on throughout the morning. 

Totes simple: 

1 banana  

3 dates  

2 cups water

Blend till creamy. Chill. 

*Definitely play around with these measurements. More or less water would change the consistency while still tasting delish.  


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