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A must read!

As I was packing up my books this morning in preparation for our big move, I stumbled upon this little gem and I knew I had to tell all my ladies about it! Also, I am totally reading it again. So good. 


Four years ago, my dear friend Shannon recommend that I read the book "Foolproofing Your life" by Jan Silvious. The book impacted me greatly as I wrestled with very important decision regarding my future. The practical application of Proverbs in plain words was like gold to me and I still re-read that book once a year. I was so impressed with Jan Silvious' unapologetic writing style and her emphasis on taking responsibility for oneself. Her words were empowering to me and I quickly researched more of her work.

This is how I stumbled on another book "Big Girls Don't Whine", which may be one of my favorite books ever. I devoured the contents in less than twenty-four hours then proceeded to read it several more times over the next few days, feverishly scribbling notes as I went along. After I finished, I made my mother read it. LOL. 

I can not strongly enough state how much I recommend that every girl who sees this post purchase and read this book! It is AMAZING for women who are married or single, mothers or women with no children. Single mamas, this book is an essential! A part of me wants to start a small group where we read through the book so I can FORCE women to read it. LOL. 

 You can't deny wisdom like this:  

"Until you take responsibility for yourself, you cannot become all God hopes you will be."  

"A 'little girl' makes others responsible for her happiness. Quite often she needs to be attached to someone to feel whole."  

"A little girl has a hard time being a wife. She relates to her spouse as if he were her daddy, a child, or an adversary."  

"Little girls perpetually struggle, always looking for someone or something that is going to make them feel important." 

"He (God) hasn't left you beside the road of life to languish while you wait for something wonderful or happen or someone wonderful to come along. He has plans for you, just as you are, just where you are." <-- for my single girls. So good right?! 

"No man can do it all. A husband won't be able to succeed when forced to play the roles of both husband and father to his Little-Girl wife. No man can." <--- for my married girls. Helpess wives always waiting for their husbands to meet their every emotional, physical and mental need.... NO BUENO! Don't set your man up for failure! 

Hopefully you'll have read a quote from the book (above ^^) and felt the draw to read the entire book for yourself.  

Go. Buy it. Read it and tell me what you think! 

P.S. Totally read "Foolproofing Your Life" too if you feel up to it.  

P.P.S. This is in no way a sponsored post. I just think this book is the jam.


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