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Happy Monday!

Just kidding. 



I came into the ER around 3AM on Sunday morning in severe pain with what I assumed to be apendicitis. However the staff at the Womack ER was not so convinced and did every other testing available. They couldn't "find" my appendix for a while via CT scan and ultrasound and besides pain, a high white blood  cell count and cysts on my ovaries they could not come to a definitive diagnosis. I was given heavy pain medicines to cope and admitted to the hospital for further testing. Thankfully a new doctor read my CT scan this afternoon and was fairly certain I did indeed have appendicitis so I was scheduled to have surgery to remove it. *insert "praising" emoticon!* I'm so thankful that whole observing plan didn't go on much longer because by the time the surgeons removed my appendix it had not actually burst but was so swollen and infected, it had begun leaking grossness (I'll spare you details in case you're eating a late dinner LOL) into my pelvis. NO BUENO! 

If you think of it please, please, please pray that they can keep any infection from the leak at bay and that I can be released to go home tomorrow.   


Yesterday and last night were the WORST as I was separated from my nursing baby for hours on end. We weren't finally reunited this morning. ^^ 



The staff here at Womack has been incredible. Supplying a breast pump while Laura and I were separated (well over 12 hrs), supplying a port-a-crib since she can now stay with me and nurse during the night. They let me pick and chose my painkillers, antibiotics AND anesthesia to still be able to nurse during the whole process. Every nurse, doc, surgeon I've seen has already been notified of my seriousness about my nursing relationship before I even tell them. These people get it!!!! :) :) :) The surgeon even delayed my operation so that I could feed Laura one more time before "going under". I had access to a lactation consultant for every question I've had about how any of this will affect my baby. I can't say enough about how good this care is. 


My sister Lauren was acting as my wet nurse yesterday so she's stayed close by Laura's side in case she needed to nurse and I was unable feed her. My hospital room was delightfully full once I was out of surgery. I could NOT have done this without my family, yet again! I love them so! 


To everyone who has already been notified and has been praying, to my family who has been coming to see me and helping with Laura and Macson (Dad, Mom, Sammy, Lauren, Dennis and baby Haley who has been sharing her mama with my baby) THANK YOUUUUU. 

You guys are awesome. Thanks for reading this. Say a prayer for me if you feel inclined.  

Much Love, 


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