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I had the idea to write this post several weeks ago when a young lady was lamenting to me that some girls and a guy (yes a GUY, because they can be just as catty and ridiculous as jealous girls sometimes) had been posting rude things on her Facebook. I've had other friends receive rude comments on their instagrams and anonymous emails from disapproving viewers (more on the idea of "anonymous" later). I've had my fair share of "hate" since starting this little blog. So, let's just break it down and talk a little bit about the idea of a hater. 

They. Don't. Matter. (I mean, the PEOPLE matter because people should always matter, but their hate doesn't matter. Not even a little bit.) 

Its really as simple as that. It makes me laugh to think of someone caring so much about me that they feel the need to write/say something rude. Obviously they're paying a lot of attention to what I'm doing. And anonymous hate? That one reeeeaaally cracks me up. The thought that someone takes the time to set up a fake email or username to spread their ignorant poison makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

I told said young, lamenting lady that you know you're doing something noteworthy when you have a ton of rad, Godly supporters and a few backstabbing haters. It goes with the territory of doing something awesome and groundbreaking. The second you really start pursuing your calling the enemy of your soul does his very best to make you feel unqualified and defeated. He wants you to give up. It's so easy for him to fill your head with lies because he has so many pawns who feel so big and powerful behind their computers all day and night waiting for your next move. They type as fast as their jealous fingers can type to tell you that you're a liar... that you can't change... that you're not good enough... you don't know what you're talking about... you're a nobody... etc. Satan is called The Deciever for a reason. These haters often feel like they're fighting for a cause, that their malice is justified. Little do they know that they are being used by the enemy. 

A word of caution: correction is not the same thing as hate. When someone older or wiser brings to your attention some areas in which you could use more prudence LISTEN TO THEM. Rebuke from the right individuals may hurt at first but it can be trusted. They have your back, they're not stabbing your back. 

Side note about "anonymous haters": They are acting cowardly. They probably don't even really believe what they're saying about you because if they did actually believe it, they would have the guts to type their name at the end. This type of critism can ALWAYS be ignored. Subtweeting something rude about someone else? So gross. Sorry not sorry. 


So let's just say you're minding your own business, being awesome, following God's will for your life and BAM, a little twerp leaves you a nasty comment. What do you do? Forgive and move on. Reacting is not necessary. You don't need everyone's approval. Ask God to show you what He's after by allowing this criticism into your life and then keep on being AWESOME. 

That's all. ;) 

Much love and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  



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