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I realize it's been seemingly a little quiet around since our move but it's been anything but that! I was briefly re-admitted to the hospital a couple of weeks post-op and we've been taking it day-by-day since. After my last post, it was like taking two steps forward and TEN steps back. Obviously this made for an interesting move/unpacking process so I've been laying low and doing whatever bit of home-making I can each day. 

On a happier note, our books came in the mail and I'm excited to start our second year of homeschool! We are so excited for first grade. Prior to being homeschooled, Macson attended Village Christian Acadamy which we LOVED but last fall I decided to embark on my dream of home educating. We had a great year and I checked "Teach another human to read" off my bucket list. Seriously??? How cool is that. It's so fulfilling to educate your offspring and watch them really "get" what you're teaching. It helps that Macson is very bright. 

I knew from the outset that I needed to reign in the horses a bit and not get carried away with the classic, new homeschooling mom zeal. I didn't need an elaborate homeschooling plan that would be difficult to sustain through all of life's ups and downs (like Cody's deployment and the birth of baby Laura last year) or be difficult to re-create for future students. I wanted a system that would be straightforward and comprehensive. I also wanted to use ONE system. I didn't want to have to incorporate five different methods and a million different books because that just seems messy and confusing to me. 


Saxon was our choice and after the success we had last year I knew we were going to be using their curriculum again. Here's a little run-down of our day-to-day lesson plan. 

1. Prayer & Family Devotions  

Jesus is the center of everything and lessons are no exception. We start by dedicating our day, ourselves and everything Macson learns to God. We read a chapter in Proverbs. 

2. Verse Memorization  

Each week I pick a verse for Macson to memorize. Side note here: my Mom is the guru, Queen, all-knowing GENIUS (I do not exaggerate here) of homeschooling and by five years old I could quote the Gettsburg Address, Paul Revere's ride and at least chapter five of the book of Matthew (mainly by listening to her quiz my four older siblings.) By the time I had graduated we had memorized at least five chapters of the bible (Matthew 5,6,7, Psalm 2, Ephisians 1), Shakespeare sonnets (116th wins every time) and countless poems and important speeches. My mom just wins at life. 

3. Phonics  


We have a teacher's manual, workbooks and lots of other resources (only a few pictured above ^^) that make up the curriculum. The way each concept is presented and the order in which it is presented is so genius. It's also pretty fool-proof as you basically just READ A SCRIPT to your student with the ideal answers listed below. 

4. Math


Along with the textbooks, Saxon provides a container of manipulatives to aid with teaching concepts. I've found this especially helpful for teaching a small boy. He has so much fun playing with each piece that he's totally engaged for the lesson (something with which little boys particularly struggle). 

5. Literature  

We pick a few books and read through them throughout the school year. This is probably one of our favorite parts of our school day. Last year we read a couple of books from The Chronicles of Narnia series because C.S. Lewis, duh. LOL.  

Macson has requested that we re-read "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" because he especially loved that. We'll also read through "Little House on the Prairie" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder this year. So good. 

In closing, if you have anything nasty to say about homeschooling start your own blog and rant about it there. I'm bored of having conversations like this...

Certain Aquaintence: Macson, why aren't you in school today? 

Macson: I'm homeschooled.  

Aquaintance turns to me with an unmasked sneer: Oh, so you got your degree in teaching?  

Me: No, I did not obtain a degree in teaching since last week when you asked me the same question. 

LOL. Over it. I understand that you may not approve but there's little in life that matters LESS to me than other people's approval. 

Here's a fresh, new school year in homeschool-friendly NC! Cheers, lovers!  

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