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Peach, Brie & Basil Grilled Cheese


I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day and knew I needed this sandwich in my life. I'm pretty sure the original recipe is by "Two Peas and Their Pod" but I didn't actually go to the site. I simply looked at the ingredient list and made my own version. I'm sure theirs is significantly fancier and more gourmet but who cares. 

I cooked! Felt like I got kicked in the stitches afterwards (aka, "stomach" LOL) but it's so nice to do something that makes me feel like myself again. 

Peach, Brie & Basil Grilled Cheese:  

Gluten-free bread  

Fresh peach  

Fresh basil  



Ghee (fancy BUTTER)  

I melted the ghee in a skillet, sliced (several, several) chunky pieces of Brie and let the bread toast and cheese melt while I cut the peach. I topped gooey Brie with peach slices, a drizzle of honey and basil then continued in regular grilled cheese fashion (other slice of bread on top, flip, more ghee, you know how this goes).  

Yes, I'm eating a bit of dairy now, Praise The Lord. My lactation consultant suggested I introduce more dairy in my diet. The theory is that if a mama is very stringent about her dairy intake (once she realizes baby is sensitive) from the babes' early age, she can re-introduce it around six months and the kiddo seems to tolerate it well. Still seeing rashes, etc but we shall see.  

Her other thought is that dairy might help me gain weight a little faster and be able to produce a little more milk. I don't mind this at all since Brie is one of my favorite foods ever, ever. 



The aftermath