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Happy birthday to me



Picture this: You're awakened by the sun feeling the satisfaction of an extra hour and a half of sleep (I believe the kids call it "sleeping in" these days... Not too familiar with that LOL). You meander to the kitchen where you're greeted by your family and a cake, which you eat for breakfast (the cake, not the family). Your parents come to visit and your husband presents you with a gift: a certificate to your favorite spa where you'll spend the next 4 hours enjoying a facial, pedicure and all sorts of snacks, smoothies.... and more cake. 

The spa is the perfect picture of serenity. Following your divine facial, you sit for an hour in the most peaceful, dark and cozy spa lounge complete with low lights and waterfalls. Keep in mind that there are no children mucking about which makes this experience even sweeter. 


Cloaked in a white robe, you pick a desserted corner near a space heater and wrap up in the softest blanket with a cup of tea and a book (also a cheese plate, chocolate peanut butter smoothie and cake that the staff surprises you with- you tear up a little).  There you sit, in silence, except for the occasional noisy pacing of another patron waiting for her service who is clearly suffering from anxiety or patience problems. (You go with "anxiety", diagnosis her with a specific disorder based on her activity, overall dress and demeanor that you're low-key observing and then trace it back to some likely traumatic event in her childhood. Yes, I really do stuff like this. *shakes my head* It's my inner, not so buried, psychiatrist.) 


After your hour of books, rare quiet time and mind-shrinking of the young lady still guzzling wine in the waiting room, you are escorted to your next service... Pedicure. Pedicures are always exciting to you because pretty feet are so important in life. ;) 


It's four hours in heaven. You go home and spend time with your wee family before finishing your day on a date with Husband ... at Morgan's chop house. 

6 oz. of the best sirloin. Need I say more?  

Guess. What.  

Yep, I just described my perfect day which TOTALLY HAPPENED YESTERDAY. And yep, it was my birthday. Such an awesome day. I'm so thankful for my husband, family and hours of me-time.  (Side note: spending a few more hours at the spa again next week. Birthday fun isn't over yet! Woohoo!)

I only make it to the spa a couple of times a year. It's my absolute favorite way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. LOL. Keep your shoes and fancy handbags... I'll take massages and pedicures any day. 

I'm starting my 25th year of life feeling spoiled and somewhat rested. It's a good thing too, because this next year is going to be full of adventure... exciting, exhausting, exasperating adventure. I'll tell you about that part later.

P.S. Thanks for the twitter, insta, and Facebook birthday wishes, boys and girls. You guys are way cool.  

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