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Raspberry & peach


I love smoothies. Maybe you've already deduced this by now if you've followed my Instagram for a little while. Normally, my favorite would be a chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie but that all sounds a little heavy in this heat so I've been making fresh, tart fruit smoothies instead. 

Harris Teeter sells awesome frozen fruit so all the prep work is done for you. Throw your choice of fruit, liquid and ice in a blender and voilà. It's done.  

Raspberry Peach Smoothie:  

Handful of frozen fruit (obviously in this case, peaches and raspberries)  

Almond milk  

Orange juice (fresh squeezed, organic, pasteurized, whatever you're into basically) 


Again, I don't measure. I just throw it all in there, blend and add more fruit or liquid depending on my desired consistency. These days, the more ice the better! 



Here's my silly girl getting into EVERYTHING like she does these days. ^^ 


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