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Grilled Hawaiian Chicken with Coconut Cilantro Rice



Stop what you're doing right now. Okay, not really. KEEP READING but then halt all other activities, gather the necessary ingredients and make this for your friends or family or both. 


Thank you to my husband for the grill work here. ^^ 

I found this recipe via one of my FAVORITE food bloggers, Bev Weidner, and her blog www.bevcooks.com. Her recipes are delish and mostly uncomplicated which I LOVE because as soon as I see a blogger's recipe with 500 ingredients listed I'm like, "NOOOOO thank you! I'm out." Attention lost forever. 


On to the goods...

Chicken: (feeds 2.5) < the .5 is Macs

3 large chicken breasts cut in half (grills more quickly) 

3/4 c. soy sauce (gluten free if you'd like) 

3/4 c. water  

3/4 c. coconut milk (from a can - save the remaining milk for the rice!)  

3 heaping tbs. brown sugar

1/2 white onion, chopped  

3 garlic cloves, chopped  

1/2 tsp. sesame oil  

Combine all ingredients in freezer bag and allow to marinate for at least 4 hrs. in the refrigerator.  


Coconut Cilantro Rice: 

1 c. Jasmine or Basmati rice  

1 c. coconut milk (the remainder of the can used for the chicken marinade) 

1 c. water


Combine first 3 ingredients in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover for 15-20 minutes. Stir. Remove from heat. Stir in the cilantro right before serving.

So simple, right? Hope you love it! 


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Hyper.... what's it called???

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