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3/28/15- finally reunited after I was released from Womack to join her (and her daddy) at UNC! 

3/28/15- finally reunited after I was released from Womack to join her (and her daddy) at UNC! 



So how about a recap, update, and some labor details?! 

Avery Jane was born at 6:32pm on March 27th. She weighed 7lbs. 2oz. - 20 in. long. We were originally told 19 in. but apparently was re-measured and viola! 20 inches. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I felt like the Lord told me "March 27th" would be her birth date. I shared that with a few people so on the 26th when my midwifery appointment revealed that I was probably NOWHERE NEAR giving birth I was a little disappointed that maybe I'd misheard Him. I woke up on the 27th feeling like I would still be pregnant for a while. 

Sometime in the afternoon, I was feeling a little pressure so I decided to get checked out just to see if anything had changed. I was SHOCKED to be at 5cm. and then everything began progressing rapidly. 

Fast foreward a couple of hours and a butt-kicking, all-natural labor (my first time without pitocin augmented contractions!) and the three most eternal minutes of pushing EVER and Avery was born. The Womack NICU team was present to immediately assess her. 

As we had anticipated, Avery was born with the birth defect "craniosynostosis", in her case specifically, bicoronal synostosis, which appears to be syndromic but we won't know for sure until we get the results from the genetic testing. The immediate complication found was the fact that something was blocking her nasal passages and thus her ability to breathe, known as choanal atresia. When she would cry, she was pink. Whenever she closed her mouth, she turned blue. 

Side note: babies are nose breathers. A baby who can't breathe through their nose can't nurse or even eat from a bottle, etc. They inserted a breathing tube right away. 

Avery was transported to the UNC Children's Hospital NICU. Within 12 hrs, she had learned how to breathe solely out of her mouth so they removed her tubes. She's a fighter and one tough cookie, if you couldn't already tell. ;) 

We're still not sure whether a membrane or bone is blocking her passages but a CT scan that they're hoping to perform tomorrow will give us the answer on how to proceed with the surgery to correct the atresia and give us a timeline for our stay here in Chapel Hill. 

Tomorrow (Monday) will be a big day for us with lots of potentially good or rough news.  

Avery will have a CT scan, hopefully a hearing test (about 50% of children with these syndromes have partial to complete hearing loss), an echo gram on her heart (heart anomalies are another characteristics of syndromic craniosynostosis) and an ultrasound on her kidneys.  

Right now she's being fed through a feeding tube and tolerating her mommy's/donor milk combo so well! She has a modified paci that she is CRAZY about whenever she's not being held. Aves is such a sweet baby! She loves to be swaddled tightly (except for her arm with the IV) and the staff always comments on how her vitals and breathing are best when her mommy is holding her. 



  • Avery is truly a miracle. She shouldn't have made it beyond week 5 in utero after my surgery and she definitely shouldn't have made it out of the womb alive... After she was delivered, the doctor discovered that I had suffered a placental abruption- my placenta had partially and was continuing to tear away from the uterine wall. The tear was secretly occurring on the back side of the uterus with the blood pooling where no one was aware of it. If I had delayed going to the hospital or tried to stall labor even 12 more hrs, Avery Jane would not have been born alive and I might have not been so lucky either. God has specifically spared her life over and over again. His purpose for her is so powerful and obvious that it gives me shivers! He reminds me over and over throughout each day how He meticulously knit her together in my womb just how she is. He doesn't make mistakes. Avery was created and formed to His exact specifications and He is TAKEN with my daughter, His newest work of art. 


Last bump picture! 38 weeks even. 

Last bump picture! 38 weeks even. 


Avery Jane, you are such a gift. I couldn't imagine a more perfect and loved addition to our family. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made by a GOOD God who has shown His power in your life over and over again. He spoke "March 27th" to me because He had planned the exact timing and every detail of your birth. The gates of hell shuddered when you made your way into this world and they sense your magnificent calling. You are full of greatest and grit even after only 48 hours of life. I am honored to be your mommy and so grateful that God deemed our family worthy of accompanying you on this journey which may occasionally push us to our limits. 

Welcome, baby girl.  

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