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Surgery #1


Tomorrow, between 8:30am-12:30pm, Avery will be undergoing her first surgery- installing a g-tube. She's been doing well with her bottle feeds but just uses up too much energy breathing at the same time, so the g-tube is the best option to supply her nutritional needs while still doing bottle feeds as "therapy". Thankfully, everything she consumes is breast milk, both in the feeding tube and soon to be through her g-tube so at least I'm winning there! Hehe. Apparently the home care involved is minimal and once the incision in her stomach has healed, she can resume life as a normal baby, even taking baths and running errands with me. 

There are always risks when one is undergoing surgery, but in Avery's case, those risks are a little increased as intubating and extubating a baby with a critical airway is a little tricky. Also, she's two and a half weeks old and surgery is just riskier for infants! She will be sedated and briefly paralyzed for the surgery, which will only take about 45 minutes. Once she's regained consciousness, the team will attempt to remove her breathing tube, however they've warned us that it may de-stabilize her and she may have to keep the breathing tube for a while. Avery may do amazingly well after surgery or we may be looking at a tracheotomy as her next surgery. Another thing that's stressing my mama heart out is the fact that Avery can't eat for several hours before her surgery and she won't be able to eat for a couple of days after the surgery. She'll be hydrated and "fed" with sugar water through an IV, but may be very agitated becausd she won't get the satisfaction of a full tummy for a few days. The doctors say that the pain from the actual surgery is very minimal and most of the post-op fussiness is due to hunger. Obviously I'm glad that she won't be in much pain, but it will be very hard to watch her be hungry.  

We're praying that the surgery goes well with no complications and that they will be able to successfully remove the breathing tube with Avery easily being able to breathe on her own. 

We're also praying that God would resolve the fluid surrounding her brain and miraculously increase her ability to breathe through her nose.  

Soon, I will do a blog post just full of thank-you's and shout-outs. All of your encouraging comments, messages, meals and gifts have meant the world to us. Thanking God for each you as you pray alongside us for Aves. You are the greatest.