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Avery's surgery was a success! Her g-tube is in place and the intubation/extubation process went wonderfully. The team put a tube in her mouth to suppress her tongue and help her breathe through her mouth as they transferred her back to her pod in the NICU. Once they brought her upstairs and she was surrounded by doctors, Avery SPIT THE TUBE OUT OF HER MOUTH and the docs chuckled in amazement. Our girl is breathing entirely on her own! We all just kind of looked around at each other like we couldn't believe what we were seeing. *insert ALL the happy face emoticons* We have even heard the term "discharge" thrown around once or twice today so if all goes well we may be heading HOME with our babies in the next 2-3 weeks. 

The ENT's re-scoped Avery's nose while she was sedated (it's hard to scope an infant's nose while they're awake and moving around) and found two small openings that they hadn't been able to see before. She still has choanal atresia, but somehow there are tiny passages through which she's passing air. (I mean, obviously, since the girl takes a bottle and a paci, sooo.... Hehe) Still awesome news. 

Today has been an emotional rollarcoaster as we probably didn't breathe during her surgery and now we're on cloud nine from Avery's amazing outcome thus far. There may be some setbacks as we watch her recovery process but today was a huge victory for us and especially for little Aves. She's a survivor and a fighter like I've never seen before. I am so proud to be the girl's mama! We are so grateful for God's hand on her and for people all around the world lifting her up in prayer. GOD IS SO GOOD! 

It was the best of times; It was the worst of times

Surgery #1