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CVR Part 1


First and foremost, Avery is fine.

The team had to stop the surgery because she was bleeding excessively. They opened her sutures from ear to ear and corrected one eye socket, but were unable to complete the other side. The surgeons are slightly optimistic that since the sutures are free, her head may correct itself. More than likely though, they will have to open her up again within the year (no sooner than 3 months) to complete the orbital advancement. The doctors are considering helmet therapy to see if that could be a less invasive option to bypass surgery or to help us be in a better position for the next surgery. (Side note: I'm totally pro-helmet therapy if they think it would even be a slight of improvement. There really is no downside. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn't, no biggie.) Avery did suffer a nick to her dura (membrane that protects the brain), but two stitches closed it and her spinal fluid should replenish itself. She was receiving a transfusion, but they chose to stop so she didn't get to the point of no return for blood loss. We're a little disappointed, but glad that she is ok. The surgery wasn't 100% success... The surgeon called it a "70%". We are saddened that she may need another surgery. They weren't able to hold the bone in place with the plates and screws, so there's a chance her head could re-fuse as it heals, negating everything we just did. 

Ultimately, God is in charge and the results of the surgery are not a surprise to Him, nor are they out of the scope of His healing ability.  

We are fine. Avery is fine. Everything will be fine. I'm going to consider this one a "win".

CVR Part 2

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