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What's in my bag?


ToteSavvy by Life in Play. That's what.  


As a mom (and especially as a medical mom), it's so important that I keep a neat, orderly bag for easy access to all the things I need QUICKLY. A ToteSavvy insert takes your favorite, non-frumpy tote and turns it into a dream diaper bag!  


The insert is easily removed from your bag for a simple wipe clean when necessary or whenever you need to shake the Cheerios out of the bottom (or is that just me?).  


Maybe one of my favorite features, and certainly the nerdiest thing to like, is the outside pocket specifically for papers! At the end of every one of Avery's appointments, I'm given a stack of papers from each provider. I am OBSESSED with having a neat folder in which to slip them- no loose papers floating at the bottom of my bag! Praise. The. Lord.  


But seriously, what is IN my ToteSavvy, you may ask? (I know you didn't, but just play along, will ya?!) 


1. TRACH supplies!  

Super important. I keep a spare trach, ties, lube, saline bullets, 6fr catheters, HME's and a NoseFrida (in case of a zombie apocalypse or something happens to my suction machine- also something I do NOT leave the house without). 

2. Lotion.  

SPF 50 by Rodan + Fields (my #1 skincare love and basically life-changing).  

L'Occitane hand cream (hospital air is so dry!) 

3. Mints, hand sanitizer (CRUCIAL if you're performing any trach care while out and about), lip balm. 

4. Lara bars! 

Pair it with a little protein and you're set if an appointment goes late and you're getting hangry. 

5. iPhone charger.  

I spent one night in the ER with Avery without a charger and a slowly dying phone. Hello, freak-out! Being in the hospital is already sucky enough- worrying about whether my phone will stay charged is insult to injury.   

6. All other mommy essentials.  

Diapers, wipes, butt cream, snacks for Lolly, etc.  

** Avery has a backpack that lives in my car with all of her OTHER extras- G-tube extensions, feed bags, mini button, etc. ** 

Last, but not least, BECAUSE you're my reader, which clearly makes you awesome, I'm authorized to give your 20% off your ToteSavvy purchase (available in different sizes and colors!) with the checkout code MEGAPPERSON.  

Happy organizing, sexy mamas!  


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