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Warm afternoon light. Baby sweetly nestled against her mother's bosom. The smell of apple pie baking (btw, those apples are fresh from the orchard and there's a photo shoot to prove it). Now it's time to mix up her favorite essential oil blend to maintain the peace and calm....

If you have an Instagram account, you know that there's always some beautiful, dewy-skinned mama posting pictures of her sweet babes while shuffling barefoot around her shabby-chic kitchen and you can never tell whether she's wearing a $300 dollar dress from Anthropologie or a $3 cream colored pillowcase that she cut the neck out of. She's never worried about her milk supply or kicking herself for using formula. Her kids wake from their naps with gentle yawns and tip toe to her antique, oversized chair (probably a family heirloom, because why not?!) for a kiss and a cuddle. She makes a delicious dinner every night, always fresh, never frozen. She runs a business on the side. She never has roots showing. She's the Beyoncé of stay-at-home-moms and the rest of us feel like wanna-be contestants on The Voice. 

Sometimes social media can make motherhood seem so magical for everyone but us. We follow those glowing mamas who make us wonder when our fairy godmother is going to come sprinkle some magic dust on us too? Like there's some memo we missed. "Click here to have perfect children, a perfect house and amazing hair." We wait for lightening to strike and make us suddenly organized, stylish, peaceful, etc.

I LOVE those accounts and that's not sarcasm. I love to be inspired by mamas going through a particularly blissful season of life. I love to cultivate that simple sweetness in my own life. They're like a Pinterest board, but on Instagram. 

If you're following those lovelies as well, please know that there's no magic mama dust or memo you missed. Lightening is not going to strike. If you want magic, you have to make your own magic. If you're waiting for your glow; if you're waiting to fall into an effortless, domestic routine, you should know that there's no potion. You're going to have to open your blinds and let some natural light in (especially if you're trying to take better pictures 😉). Dust out those cobwebs. Get a latté and some sexy, new underwear while you're at it, but not at the same place, obviously, because that would be weird. Re-arrange the furniture or maybe paint everything white (or is that just me???! 😜). Don't believe the lie that somehow Dewy Skin is a better human or better mother than you are. She's just figured out how to make her own magic. Her kids puke too. I'm sure she wakes up with bags under her eyes a few times a year. Sometimes she probably wishes her husband would sleep in the shed, or on the couch, or in the guest bed. Hehe. I bet she has to return a few of those Baby Gap items from that one time when she went a little overboard and her husband texted her, "HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND AT GAP TODAY?!" LOL. The point is, I have a feeling she would tell you (over an exquisite cappuccino that she just whipped up next to a candle that she made herself- don't worry- she'll post the tutorial on Pinterest) that she's a normal human, just like you. She simply listened to her soul for a minute and figured out what made her tick. She also just HAPPENS to take kick-butt pictures like a regular Annie Leibovitz, but there's no helping you out with that one. 😜  

Honestly, you don't need to be able to take amazing pictures to feel your mama magic. You don't have to run a business on the side or be an expert at meal planning. Accepting your season (that sometimes looks like barely getting anything done because babies are SO MUCH WORK), and sprinkling your OWN fairy dust all around IS the magic.  Find what fuels you and see the glow slowly begin to grow.  

Moral of the story: You're already magical and your glow is IN there somewhere. You've just got to look for it. It's worth discovering. Trust me. 






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