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Even When It Hurts

"Take this mountain weight  

Take these ocean tears  

Hold me through the trial  

Come like hope again  

Even when the fight seems lost, I'll praise you  

Even when it hurts like hell, I'll praise you  

Even when it makes no sense to sing  

Louder then, I'll sing your praise"  


Do you ever wonder why God lets you reach the end of yourself? Do you ever wish He would step in before you hit that point when you realize that there's nothing more you can do? It's so helpless. I HATE helpless. I do and do and do and work and work and research and push so that I NEVER FEEL HELPLESS. And yet here I am... at the end. I've reached a threshold and there's nothing more I can do. I was listening to this song and worshipping with tears as to say, 

"You see me here. You know what I'm up against and you know I've gone as far as I can go. The rest is up to you because I need a miracle. The only thing I know to do is praise you while I wait."

And then the phrase "God is the God of the impossible" came to me.  

Why would He intervene if we've got it covered? I pride myself on always having things covered; on doing it myself; on being independent. But that means whatever I had "covered" was possible. I didn't need a miracle. I could do it on my own.  

I think God waits until we acknowledge that we don't have it covered anymore. He is especially interested in the impossible. It's His specialty. He lets us go until we reach the end of our ability (which can vary depending on your strength and past experience), until we say, "Enough. There's nothing more I can do in my own strength." And then He scoops us up with a smile and says, "I know. I've got the rest of it."  

So, Lord, here I am at the end of me. I've done the best I can do, where I am, with what I have. I need a miracle. It's a good thing You're good at those. I know you don't work on my timeline, so I'll just be here singing about how good You are in the meantime. 

P.S. Tomorrow would be a good day for a miracle. Just sayin'. 💁🏻 


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