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I'd like to make a toast.  

Cheers to lazy, summer, Saturday's. Cheers to grapefruit mojitos (thank you, Pinterest). Cheers to taking a minute to remember that you're the same girl you were before you had kids, only better. Cheers to saying WHO CARES if you wear a size or two (or five) bigger than you did in college. That was 10+ years ago anyway. We've evolved. Duh. 

Cheers to taking a minute to unwind; to tapping into your inner, care-free, teenage self; to grabbing a glass of wine with girlfriends; or making out with your husband at dinner.   

Cheers to taking care of yourself from time to time; to getting a baby sitter; to eating lunch by yourself at your favorite restaurant with no tiny hands reaching for your food.  

Cheers to letting go of mama guilt; to ignoring the bullies; to trusting your intuition.  

Cheers to telling your story; to sharing your wisdom; to asking for help. 

Cheers to remembering where you came from and loving where you're going, even if it's a little hazy up ahead. The best is yet to come. 

Cheers to leaving toxic relationships once and for all; to moving on; to stop believing him when he says he'll change; to accepting that he never will; to still loving him after you've left as long as you never go back.

Cheers to embracing your talents and running with opportunities that come your way; to ignoring the haters; to believing in yourself. 

Cheers to hope; to never giving up; to perseverence; to resilience. 

Cheers to grief; to really FEELING the depth of loss so that you can heal; to accepting what you can't change. 

Cheers to rememberance of the people or things we've lost; to the babies gone too soon; to the dream of babies that infertility has stolen; to the sons, daughters, spouses, parents ravaged by war; to the dreams that life has crushed; to the marriages that couldn't recover; to the friendships that we still miss; to the family that's far away; to homes and jobs and livelihoods. 

Cheers to picking yourself up off the ground; to carrying on when you have no idea what to do next. Just keep moving. 

Cheers to realistic expectations; to not looking to another person to make you feel content; to releasing your spouse of having to make you feel fulfilled (they can't- no one can); to realizing that you're responsible for your own happiness. 

Cheers to forgiving yourself; to understanding when others won't; to saying that's ok. You don't need everyone to like you.  

Cheers to forgiving others; to being generous in your memories of them; to believing the best for them even when they're no longer in your life.  

Cheers to HEALTH and HAPPINESS and LIFE. May you have all those things in abundance. Thanks for following along, dear Reader. Would you believe that we've hit over 107,000 blog views last week alone?! You guys are the best.