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Posterior Remodeling


Avery's surgery was a complete success. Praise. The. LORD! 

A year ago, Avery had a similar surgery to remodel her forehead that had to be cut short after she almost bled out and ultimately failed after her sutures re-fused (those are not the technical terms, since there is no way to actually create a suture with surgery- you can only leave open gaps in the bone for additional brain space, mimicking the function of a suture). We discovered shortly after, that FOUR of Avery's sutures were involved in her craniosynostosis making her reconstruction even more complicated. We decided to address the sutures in the back this time, removing and remodeling the entire back of her skull.

The surgeons were able to remove and contour all the bone that they had hoped to remodel, as well as address some brain issues. While her skull was off, the neurosurgeon noted that her shunt was partially clogged and replaced the shunt valve, saving us an additional surgery! 🙌🏼👏🏼👌🏼

Shunt failures are DEVASTATING for Avery, so to catch one preemptively is a huge mercy.  

Feel free to pray for her comfort, as she's in pretty tremendous pain, even with the pain meds and no complications or infections that can occur post-operatively.  

Thank you for all your kind words and love through this process! You are all the best!  

To the young lady who introduced herself outside the lobby Starbucks this morning: your words and your gift meant more than you know. Thank you. 

Posterior Day 2