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Posterior Day 2


We had a shockingly uneventful night with no need for a post-op transfusion, which we have had to do in the past. Avery has a low-grade fever (totally normal) and a lot of swelling still, but the back of her head looks beautiful and her bicoronal incision is healing as expected. My heart keeps preparing for a hiccup, but everything has been smooth thus far. I say smooth, but I really mean BETTER THAN I EVER EXPECTED AND I'M DELIRIOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. 


As soon as her foley was removed this morning, she motioned to stand up and immediately popped to her feet with my help. I swear sometimes I think Avery is some kind of super human. Her ability to tolerate pain and adapt to each new normal is astonishing to me. 

Our plans for today include slowly introducing her food regimen, transitioning from IV pain meds to a G-Tube variant and removing her arterial line once she no longer needs frequent labs drawn. 

My plans for the day include a little nap, because I'm getting too old for this. 😂 (Kiddinggg) But seriously, IV americanos for me, please. 🙋🏻 This is our first hospitalization that I HAVEN'T been pumping breastmilk for Avery (HAPPY NATIONAL BREASTFEEDING WEEK, mamas!) and I cannot believe that I kept up with it for so long. I know that pumping relationship survived solely on the grace of God because it makes me nauseated now to think about how taxing pumping for 14 months was on my body and lifestyle. That was certainly superhuman and had absolutely nothing to do with my own strength. God supplied supernatural grace during that season, like He always has. His mercies are new every morning and that's been so especially true every day of Avery's life. You just have to ask for them every day. 

Once you've finished reading this post, I need you to do something for me. I need you go out and do what you've always wanted to do and say what you've been needing to say. Get on a plane and go tell the one you love that you love them (or call them, but it's better in person). Hug your babies. Call your parents. Start your business. Go back to school. Marry your girlfriend that you love already or break up with that jerk, whichever applies. Travel. Eat. Live. Make things right with God and run after His calling for your life like there's no tomorrow, because for the baby in the next room there really is no tomorrow and there is nothing like the sound of a mother's screams who just lost her child to remind you how precious and short life really is. None of us are getting out of it alive so we really have nothing to lose that won't eventually be lost. We only get one shot at any of this here on earth. Make it count.



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