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Avery was released from the hospital this afternoon, 48 hours after undergoing a major skull and brain surgery. 😂 She's had no pain meds besides Tylenol since yesterday at 12pm and she's already back to terrorizing her siblings. 😂 I keep asking her if she really had most of her head removed the other day, because besides a little swelling and an impressive scar, the girl is back to normal. 

She woke from her first nap since coming home with an excitement that I've rarely seen from her. As soon as she realized where she was, her exuberance and energy shot through the roof and she's been playing nonstop ever since. 

We're still hoping and praying for this smooth recovery to continue, since it took 10 days for the bottom to drop out the first time (shunt failure after surgery) and 4 days the second time (septic shock after surgery). We're certainly not out of the woods, but being home is a huge relief.  

A few minutes ago, I was sitting on the floor playing with Avery and Lolly walked over with my camera and set it in my lap. "Picture Avery? Picture with my Avery?"  

😭 Lolly knows me too well. 

Then she slid the ottoman into a bare corner of the room, grabbed a pillow and a sheepskin rug and set up a small photo-op. She climbed up on the ottoman with a sense of accomplish and said again, patting the spot next to her, "Picture of my Avery. Take picture, Mommy."  

My heart officially melted.  


It is so dang good to be home and I am one lucky girl. 


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