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Loose Screw



Since Avery's last surgery in April, I've noticed a change in the scar that runs across her head from ear to ear. A small bump that felt like a stitch that had never dissolved, began to push out of her skin and once I saw threads, I knew it was a screw that had come loose. We saw the neurosurgeon last week (aka, week from hell) who felt like it should be removed ASAP, since a point of access OUT of her head is also a point of access IN to her head and nobody has time for meningitis and 💩. 

A screw came loose in her head. Seriously! What the what?! 

The surgeon cut the screw out this morning in five minutes flat. We were hoping that the screw was imbedded in scar tissue, but it had extended all the way to the plate used to piece her skull together. The fun (sarcasm) will be the wait to see if anything gross has made its way into her precious cranial space. 

Avery has been complaining of headaches, so she also had an awful MRI this morning. The results were perfect, but as I had anticipated, Avery panicked (understandably so) and fought the entire 5-minute rapid sequence test.  

Note to self: stick to your guns and get a sedated MRI next time.  

Important information: as previously stated, the MRI results were PERFECT, which makes everything about today a win, no matter what. I'm so grateful for decompressed ventricles. *insert salsa dancing emoji*  

Serendipitously, we received the call that Avery's glasses were ready to be picked up, so we snatched those up on the way home and I now have a delightful pair of pink glasses following me around everywhere I go. 😂

I didn't know she could get cuter, but she is. I didn't know she could be cooler, but she surprises me. Avery is just a really great kid. 


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