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"As the waves make towards the pebbled shore, so do our minutes, and hasten to their end."  

- William Shakespeare  

watch c/o Jord Watches

watch c/o Jord Watches

I have a preoccupation with genetics (for what I assume to be obvious reasons), and really human biology as a whole, but especially with our fundamental properties - their beginning and their end.

The deeper I delve into these studies, the more I'm struck by the fragility of life. The saying is clichè, but ever-so true - life is short. Literally, each time most cells divide, their telomere (a stretch of DNA that protects the end of a chromosome) shortens, ushering the cell closer and closer to malfunction (aging and/or cancer) or death, a proverbial fuse on the end of a bomb. Lovely visual, right? Kidding. 

Most days, I have this image in my mind of inexorably hurtling towards a finish line. I'm aware that every second, I'm one second closer to my last breath. I can't run any slower or stop and take a break. The end draws nearer and nearer. This may sound stressful (and sometimes it is), but I use this picture to aid my decision-making process. I run my priorities through its filter. 

Time. We've defined it and assigned it names. We live in minutes, hours, days and weeks. We can't see it. We can't control it. The second hand moves around the clock - there is no pause button and there is most certainly no option to rewind.  


Our children grow, our parents age and our bodies slowly fail. No amount of money, no magic number of followers and no level of fitness will make a difference. No six pack, successful business or Botox can change your destination (though, there are healthy lifestyle choices that may stall it). 

I'm dying a little bit every day. My DNA is inevitably sustaining damage. My heart is slowly losing steam. My bones and muscles are wearing. (Dear Lord, please allow me to keep my brain healthy until the end.)

I could make this post about health and wellness (subjects always in my mind these days), but I'm not an expert on these ideas and there are plenty who are. This post is about managing your time, making it count and being happy with your choices. This post is about living a little, loving a lot and running towards the end with intention.  

This post is a friendly reminder to look at the time and look at your family.  

Our parents won't be around forever (something to which those who have lost theirs can painfully attest.) Call them (or spend vacation with them, as I love to do THE MOST). 

Your husband (or wife) may not wake up next to you tomorrow, so don't pretend to be asleep. Roll towards them, not away.  

Your children will not always be little or be lucky enough to have you a room away. Put your phone down, look and listen. Write letters to them and hide the notes away in a box, to be cherished in days to come.  

Your family and friends are everything - not that flawless body that you're chasing (it will not make you more lovable). Kill it in the gym, but have the balance to know when to go home, when to skip, when to prioritize your family over your vanity. 

Work hard at your job, but rest hard as well. Take your family on vacation. Make memories with your children. Take ALL the pictures. 

Forgive quickly, even if forgiveness is never asked.  

Encourage when you have the opportunity. 

Save your money, but know when to invest it or splurge a little on the ones you love.  

No day is meaningless, no kind word wasted. Time is ticking, friends.



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