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Full Circle and My Amazon Angel


Exactly ten years ago, I was expecting my first son and absolutely dirt poor. My main concern was how to pay for my prenatal care and my second thought / constant worry was how I would even afford a car seat in which to bring him home from the hospital. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I ran into a work acquaintance who insisted I take all of her “old” baby stuff off her hands. In one evening, I went from having NOTHING to having everything I needed for my son, right down to the animal-themed bumper lining a beautiful wood crib. I decide then that one day I would gift all my baby gear to someone as my way of honoring that amazing soul for her original act of kindness to me. And while my work friend’s gift is long gone (I gave it away in the five years between my firstborn and second baby), last year I did what I’d decide all those years ago, with tears and a hint of sadness over a very tumultuous “last” baby experience (Avery). I gave all of what I had used for Lolly and Avery away, closing the door on that chapter of my life for good.

Fast forward to February of this year, I couldn’t believe that on the tenth anniversary of my oldest child’s “positive pregnancy test day”, I sat in a bathroom again, holding another “positive”. It was like coming full circle, but this time I didn’t feel worry over being provided for - I knew that the Lord would make a way. I knew that I would always have enough. I knew that abundance is in store for all of us.

Yesterday, an Amazon package appeared on my porch with a gift from a stranger - an Instagram follower who had found my Amazon registry and ordered this beautiful bassinet for the baby boy doing gymnastics in my tummy and, again, I cried with gratitude. And while I don’t have an address to adequately send my thanks in a note, I know that no loving act goes unrewarded. And I can’t send a letter, but I CAN pray all the blessing and favor on that kind follower, wherever they may be. And I’ll continue the circle yet again and honor you after this baby to pass on the love and goodness that I’ve been shown yet again. That’s probably better than a note with my wonky handwriting anyway. 😉

Generosity is never wasted, friends. You may never see the ripple, as Bridget will likely never know how she impacted me a decade ago, but trust and believe... that ripple will go on and on.

Thank you, dear Instagram Follower. You are truly changing the world. Also, Avery will not leave the room because she’s so fixated on how a baby brother will be in there one day, so there’s that. 😂 Thank you forever.

Golden Year